WHEN ORDERING: Please supply your complete billing and shipping street addresses including all contact information such as e-mail address, fax and phone number . Your order will be reviewed by our technicians to assure there are no problems. If we have any questions about your order we will contact you.

PAYMENT: Payment will be made through a VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER credit card. We do not accept PAYPAL or checks.

DOMESTIC ORDER PROCESSING & SCHEDULING: Orders will be scheduled immediately. Your credit card will be charged in full at the time of shipment. Orders totaling over $1500 in value, or orders containing certain customized products, will incur a 50% deposit prior to scheduling. The balance will be charged when the order is shipped.

NON-DOMESTIC ORDER PROCESSING & SCHEDULING: When an order is submitted through our website, it is initially treated as a request for a quote (RFQ or Pro-forma Invoice). At this stage, you will immediately receive a return RFQ confirmation by e-mail that does NOT include pricing for any POR (Price on Request) products, shipping, handling, taxes or duties. Shipping and handling may account for a significant additional portion of your bill. As a courtesy to you, your RFQ will then be reviewed and summarized by our production and shipping staff. Within a few days, you will receive a finalized copy of your RFQ with an agreement attached by fax or e-mail which includes any POR pricing, shipping, and handling charges. Please review the finalized RFQ and agreement, sign it and return the signed copy to us as soon as possible by fax or e-mail. The RFQ will then be converted to an order and a 100% credit card deposit (payment in full) will be taken. Please note that we have no control over nor can we estimate what your country's import duties or taxes will be. These taxes and duties are not reflected on your faxed or e-mailed finalized RFQ quote/agreement.

DELIVERY TIMES: So that we can meet your specific needs, MANY OF OUR CANVAS PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER ON A CUSTOM BASIS. Production times for these items will vary depending on shop scheduling and stock conditions at the time when your order is accepted. Delivery time of four weeks is normal; however, our schedule may have to be extended at times (due to government contracts, holiday rushes, etc). Some larger more complicated items may also require more preparation time and/or construction time. Special orders may also take longer, so please plan long in advance of your needs. Any items in-stock will be shipped as soon as possible.

SHIPPING & HANDLING: Shipping and handling costs depend upon the destination address, state, consignment size and value, number of parcels, parcel size and weight. We can not ship any paint by air or out of the continental United States. As a result, we can not ship any paint at all to Alaska, Hawaii, or any foreign country. We reserve the right to utilize or reject any method of shipment in the interest of safe delivery and expediency. We will make every effort to keep your shipping costs as low as possible, however,due to the costs of boxes, packing materials and shipping charges by carriers, we reserve the right of a minimum shipping charge for any consignment of $10.00.

DOMESTIC SHIPMENTS are sent by default via UPS GROUND unless a faster UPS service is otherwise specified by the customer or we determine safe delivery can be made through the US Postal service.

NON-DOMESTIC SHIPMENTS are sent by default via UPS WORLDWIDE EXPEDITED. Although UPS shipments are generally more expensive, they can be easily tracked, and successful claims are usually negotiated. If a non-domestic customer requests US POSTAL SERVICE (USPS) rather than UPS, we can not be responsible for lost or damaged goods as the consignment is transfered to non-US postal systems for delivery. In addition, we can not track a postal service consignment once it leaves the US. If postal service consignment is lost or delayed, we can not file a claim for at least 90 days from the time that the consignment was remanded to the US post office here in the US. If the customer urgently needs a consignmant that is potentially lost en route due to the postal service, another consignment can be sent, however it will be billed again. When 90 days have passed without word on the initial consignment, a claim will be filed. When the claim payment is received by Beachwood Canvas Works, a refund will be issued to, the customer for the first consignment. Us postal service consignments, when lost or damaged will ONLY pay for the cost of the mercandise and shipping costs will not be refunded upon receipt of a successful claim. For these reasons we do not recommend postal service delivery for large consignmnets and can not be held reponsible for them. Due to our large selection of parts and canvas goods, we will make every effort to accurately estimate shipping and handling costs before the products are boxed and ready to ship. Because our items range in size and weight from decals that require a small packet up to body tubs that require a packing crate, and also due to the fact that shipping companies or services are constantly modifying their rates, there may be changes in shipping costs that vary from the initial estimate. The sooner that you convert a quote to an order, the more likely the shipping costs quoted will remain the same. We can not be responsible for shipping cost changes estimated at the time of a quote and the time that we actually ship.

SALES TAX: Any orders shipping to a New Jersey address or picked up at our premises will incur the 7% NJ sales tax. Orders SHIPPED to an out of state or out of country address, do not incur New Jersey state sales tax.

DAMAGES: INSPECT YOUR ORDER IMMEDIATELY. Your consignment was carefully inspected and packed before it left our facility. Once consigned to the carrier, it is their responsibility to deliver the consignment safely. If your package appears to be damaged, open your package in the presence of the driver. Have them note any damage on their delivery record. If you find damaged merchandise after the delivery, please notify us for instructions. SAVE ALL PACKING MATERIALS AND BOXES FOR INSPECTION BY THE CARRIER. DO NOT DISCARD THESE MATERIALS UNTIL THE CLAIM IS SETTLED! The carrier will not settle any claim without inspecting the original packaging.

SHORTAGES: YOU MUST NOTIFY US OF ANY SHORTAGES WITHIN 3 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF YOUR CONSIGNMENT. USE CARE WHEN UNPACKING YOUR MERCHANDISE. All consignments leaving our facility have been checked and signed off for content by at least two Beachwood employees. Compare your invoice and merchandise carefully in order to assure that you have received everything that you were billed for at the time of shipment. Take note of any back-ordered parts (marked B/O on your invoice). Before calling us, make certain that you open any small boxes and unwrap all packing materials. Many small items are wrapped individually or put in small boxes to insure their safe arrival.

BACK-ORDERS: When you place your order on-line or by phone, the entire order may not be in stock at that time (especially canvas items that have to be manufactured). You will be prompted at that time for 3 choices regarding back orders:

1) Hold the order until all products are in stock & ship complete. (This may delay your order).
2) Ship whatever is in stock now and ship backordered items later.
3) Ship whatever is in stock now and cancel any backordered items.

If you choose to back order items, those products that will be indicated as a Backorder (B/O) on your invoice and will be shipped as soon as possible. Please call if you wish to cancel any open backorders, otherwise the backorder will remain open INDEFINITELY until the part is made or found by Beachwood Canvas. If you do not want the backordered part, but have not canceled your backorder and it ships, you will be responsible for all return, restock, and reshipping charges. All foreign orders will be held for completion before shipping the order (no partial shipments or backorders).

RETURNS: YOU MUST NOTIFY US OF ANY RETURNS WITHIN 15 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF YOUR CONSIGMENT. Please specify the reason for returning the item and note if the item is to be replaced or refunded. When we accept the return, you will be given an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number. All returns must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice and the RMA number. Mark the RMA number on the outside of the return box or on the invoice copy. Pack the item and ship it back to us. We do not accept C.O.D. returns. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable. All products must be in unused, unsoiled, unaltered and in resalable condition. If the return does not meet these criteria, we reserve the right to assess a portion of the value in order to make the item resalable if possible. We reserve the right to reject the return if the item is not resalable. Resalable returns may be subject to a 10% restocking charge. Some electrical, special, custom, or non-stock items are not returnable. Special order parts or special production items that require prepayment are not returnable. Your account will only be credited, after you have returned the goods and they have been received, inspected, and approved for restocking. All return items must be received at Beachwood Canvas within 10 days of the RMA issuance, otherwise the return is void. Make certain that you properly pack and insure the returned merchandise.

Returns using the Post Office MUST be addressed to:
Beachwood Canvas Works, PO Box 137, Island Heights, NJ 08732-0137.

Returns sent using UPS or Federal Express MUST be addressed to:
Beachwood Canvas Works, 39 Lake Avenue, Island Heights, NJ 08732.

LIMITED LIABILITY: OUR LIABILITY FOR A DEFECTIVE PART IS LIMITED TO THE REPLACEMENT OR REFUND OF THAT PART ONLY! Some of the items that you purchase from us may have been manufactured as long as 60 years ago or more, or are very sensitive to the method of application or installation. We assume no responsibility, no warranty is expressed or implied, for the correctness, safety, value, or damage resulting from the use or misuse of these items. The installer and end user of these products are solely responsible for any damage beyond the replacement of the product or item. This holds especially true for electrical items, paint products, and canvas products.

PRICING TYPOS AND MISPRINTS: We disclaim responsibility for any printing or typographical errors. We do not guarantee that all information found on this website is accurate. We endeavor to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the products and services listed on our Web Sites, however, as we cannot verify all information from all manufacturers and providers and as errors in gathering and publishing such information may occur, Beachwood Canvas Works, LLC does not warrant that the product and service listings are or will always be accurate, complete or current. We shall not be liable or responsible as a result of any errors therein. Therefore, Beachwood Canvas reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for products listed at the incorrect price and shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase, and your order has been canceled, Beachwood Canvas shall immediately issue a refund to you in the amount of the incorrect price. With thousands of parts online, we are constantly updating our web pages and database. On a rare occasion you may encounter a part or web page that is actively being updated resulting in the price or description displaying incorrectly. Additionally, typos and misprints do occur. If this happens, you may receive an e-mail responding to your inquiry or order informing you of the correct information. We will also strive to update the web page information as soon as possible. If you order an item and the cost is different than the web page or shopping cart display, we will notify you before proceeding with your order.


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