Thank you for visiting Beachwood Canvas Works on-line. Below are photos of our full-time operational
facility, in-house production, examples of our work, and our technical staff.
Color picture of our 39 Lake Avenue Facility Color picture of our Assembly Area
Thousands of square feet jam packed with inventory. Manufacturing also takes place at this facility. Your custom order is assembled here with
exacting care and attention to detail.
A large inventory is maintained by computer for your convenience. We offer prompt service via UPS and other carriers.

Color Picture Of Our In House Production
In-house production, such as these doors for a canvas Jeep enclosure, are created by trained professionals on a custom order basis. All of our canvas is prepared for our sewers using a computer-driven cutting table, to ensure an accurate fit for every product we manufacture. Our office is a busy place. Besides phone, fax, and mail, e-mail is a convenient way to shop. Most major credit cards are welcome.

Color picture of a 1942 Ford GPW Deluxe Top with Invasion Stenciling Color picture of a 1944 Willys MB Factory Deluxe Summer Top
1944 Ford GPW jeep windshield cover and seat cushions. 1942 Ford GPW Deluxe summer top
with Invasion Stenciling.
1944 Willys MB Factory Deluxe, summer top.

1946 CJ2A Fire Jeep*. 1946 CJ2A Fire Jeep* and 7 piece, grey canvas enclosure. 1955 CJ5 in Harvard Red paint.

Color picture of a 1943 Dodge command car Top Kit Animated picture of Top and Bottom recanvased seat cushins
1943 Dodge 3/4 Ton Command Car top kit. 1941 Bantam BRC cushion set. 1940 Dodge VC Series, 1/2 Ton Command Car top kit.
Color picture of a 1946 CJ2A
1946 CJ2A, harvest tan paint and grey vinyl seat covers. 1942 Ford GTB cargo truck in navy grey
canvas and a 1 ton Ben Hur Trailer.
German Kubelwagen with a tan canvas top and tire cover.

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